Engine Repair Delray Beach

Where to get your car’s engine repaired in Delray Beach

When it comes to your vehicle’s upkeep, seeking regular and professional maintenance ensures that your car is running optimally at all times. Most of the time, people don’t make a visit to an auto repair shop when they first suspect that there may be a problem with their vehicle. Instead, they usually wait until they experience multiple issues or their car stops working. It’s important to get your vehicle serviced regularly, so that when issues do arise they can be fix immediately before they cause damage to other components and systems of your car and engine.

Make sure to keep a look out for these top 5 signs that could indicate that your car’s engine needs repair:

1. Engine light
Although this may seem obvious, you may not even realize your vehicle’s engine light is on if you don’t regularly check the dashboard. Besides the engine light, you should also look out for other notifications on your dashboard — they could be caused by something else occurring in your engine.
2. Noises
If you hear a tapping or popping sound when starting your car or while driving, it could indicate that there is something wrong with your engine’s cylinders. Whereas a grinding noise, could mean that there is something wrong with your vehicle’s motor and it may need to be adjusted.
3. Strange smells
The presence of a strange odor could be the coolant or oil leaking. Breathing this can be dangerous to your health and inhibit your ability to drive safely. If you smell something out of the ordinary, it is imperative that you get your vehicle inspected by the best auto technicians at AutoWorks as soon as possible.
4. Color smoke
If your car is admitting blue smoke from the exhaust, it means that oil is leaking from your car’s engine and, as a result, being burned with the fuel. White smoke, on the other hand, indicates that either antifreeze or water condensation has entered into your fuel storage. Both signs typically signal that a leak has occurred and should be repaired immediately.
5. Jerking vehicle
When driving a vehicle you shouldn’t be experiencing any jerking, stalling, or propelling movement. If you find yourself being jerked at random, it could be a sign that your engine is in need of maintenance and repair. Making sure you get regular preventive maintenance such as regular oil changes and servicing, this can help prevent problems from occurring in the first place; and ultimately, ensure your safety.

At AutoWorks, our professional and ASE-certified automotive technicians offer a variety of services and repairs for all types of vehicles, from brake replacement to AC repair. Our experienced technicians know how to get the job done accurately and quickly. If you think that there may be something wrong with your engine, call the trusted family-owned automotive repair shop in Delray Beach at 561-272-7451 today or emails us at autoworksdelray@gmail.com.