Where to Find Complete Car Care in Delray Beach

Spring is here, and that means the weather is heating up. Just like our bodies have a difficult time adapting to changes in temperature, our cars don’t like it much either. It’s time to think about complete car care in Delray Beach including changes in tire pressure, wheel damage from potholes, and looking for small cracks on the windshield. 

Come to AutoWorks for complete car care in Delray Beach 

Now is a great time to give your car the attention it deserves and avoid some problems down the road. Preparation to keep your car in gear will help your summer driving plans go smoothly. Here are some tips to help keep your vehicle in great shape for spring:

  • Get an oil change. Changing the oil every 3000 miles boosts your vehicle’s performance 
  • Check your fluids.  
  • Check the condition of your tires, including the spare. Get them rotated and balanced if necessary. 
  • Have your brakes inspected. This saves time and money if you find normal brake wear early. 
  • Replace worn wiper blades and make sure washer fluid is full. 
  • Check the belts. Replace them if they are cracked, frayed, or worn. 
  • Replace your filters (air, fuel, etc.) as recommended. 

No complete car care in Delray Beach would be complete without including a thorough washing and waxing of the exterior. To avoid a spotty finish or harming the protective coating on your vehicle, always use cleaning products that are designed specifically for automobiles. If you prefer to wash your car at home, make sure you pay close attention to the undercarriage. If you prefer to bring your car to a carwash, this would be a great time to splurge and include an undercarriage spray wash to the service.  While you’re at it, spring for a thorough interior cleaning too. 

AutoWorks specializes in complete car care in Delray Beach. Our services range from general auto repair and oil changes to brake repair and service. We do our best to accommodate your schedule, even offering after-hours drop-offs. Call  561-272-7451 to make an appointment.