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4 Signs it’s Time for Brake Repair

When you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle, you want to be as safe as possible. When it comes to automobile safety, making sure your vehicle’s brakes are in good working order is paramount. At AutoWorks, we’ve compiled a telltale list that signify it’s time to come into our shop for brake repair. We are conveniently located off Congress Avenue in Delray Beach.

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⦁ Sight and Sound
Your vehicle’s brakes become worn and thinner over time and use. AutoWorks can inspect your vehicle’s front and rear brakes and rotors and let you know if it is time to have them replaced. Your car’s brakes should have at least ¼ inch of padding. If your brake pads are smaller than a ¼ inch, it is time for break repair or replacement.
A high-pitched screeching sound while applying your car’s brakes is another indicator that something is not right. That sound is caused by a strip of metal at the bottom of your brake pads purposely put there to get the driver’s attention.
Through strange noises, your car’s brakes will tell you when it’s time for them to be changed. Make sure you look and listen to any warning signs telling you it’s time to change your vehicle’s brake pads or get new brakes.
⦁ Reduced Responsiveness
When you press on the brake pedal does it feel “mushy”? If the pedal is sinking into the ground, it’s time for brake repair. If you’re seeing a puddle of brake fluid forming underneath your car while parked, it’s time to bring your car in for brake repair to AutoWorks, located in the heart of Delray Beach.
⦁ Vibration
Feeling heavy vibration in your vehicle’s brakes is an indicator that the brakes are worn or even warped. An unsmooth ride is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to a dangerous scenario if the brakes are not inspected and repaired. If you notice vibration when you brake, it’s time to stop in at AutoWorks and see what we can do to fix or replace the brake pads and resurface or replace the rotors.
⦁ Pulling
We’ve all been in a car that pulls hard to one side. This can actually be caused by uneven brake wear. At AutoWorks, we can adjust your car’s brakes to make sure they wear evenly and eliminate the pulling issue.
If you notice any of these signs they should be taken seriously. Putting off brake repair can result in costly fixes down the road. It can also be dangerous to drive with old and worn out brakes. If you need to stop quickly and you have old brakes, it could lead to an accident.
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