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There is no debate: it’s tough to have a vehicle in South Florida without air-conditioning, and when your AC goes out, it is frustrating. If you’re without a working AC system in your vehicle, you should consider getting that fixed, immediately. If you’re looking for a great auto repair shop that provides the best auto AC service in Delray Beach, call us here at AutoWorks.

All our technicians have been ASE-certified in air-conditioning system service, repair, and maintenance.

We Provide Comprehensive Auto AC Service in Delray Beach that has been Certified

Unlike issues with many other vehicle components, there are no system warning lights to detect issues with the AC system. But here is a look at some of the most common issues with AC systems in vehicles:

  • Vehicle is blowing warm or hot air: likely means it’s low on refrigerant, which may be from a leak in the AC system
  • Vehicle is blowing cool, not cold air: culprit could be a clogged filter, blower motor issues, vacuum leaks, cooling fan problem, or radiator trouble
  • Weak air pressure: culprit could be some type of obstruction in your car’s cabin air filter or a hose is loose
  • Vehicle’s AC system is not blowing any air: culprit could be the AC’s blower motor or its resistor

Call us and make an appointment so we can check out your vehicle. And get this – we provide a FREE AC system check, which involves checking your vehicle’s lines, hoses, and seals. We’ll make sure your vehicle’s compressor is working properly. Additionally, right now we’re offering a promotion for an AC Recharge. It’s a win, win.

If you’re looking for the best auto AC service in Delray Beach, call AutoWorks at (561) 272-7451. You can also make an appointment online on our website. We’re a trustworthy, family-owned full-service auto repair center with competitive pricing. We’ll provide excellent, timely service to have your vehicle back on the road.