Complete Car Care is What AutoWorks Provides in Delray Beach

Where to Go for Engine Mechanical or Performance Repair in Delray Beach

It is easy to take for granted the car, truck, or van that drives you to work, to shop, and to play. We rely heavily on our vehicle to manage our daily tasks and routines. Our vehicles work incredibly hard to serve us and with so many moving parts and components under the hood, the need for engine repair is inevitable. For residents in Delray Beach, there are plenty of auto repair shops to choose from. However, not all of them are competent or trustworthy. Sure, they will all gladly take your money, but that doesn’t mean you will receive proper engine repair. At AutoWorks, we take vehicle engine repair seriously. When you choose our repair shop, you can rest assured your car is in highly qualified and certified professional hands.

Let’s take a look into the five signs that indicate it’s time to give AutoWorks a call so that your vehicle performs at its best.

  1. Engine Light on

Check Engine light: the most dreaded and obvious sign that your car needs engine repair. That sign is everyone’s least favorite indicator alert, the check engine light. There are a lot of us out there that simply ignore our Check Engine light. Neglecting that warning light is a terrible idea. When the Check Engine light turns on, your car is trying to tell you something is wrong or malfunctioning. Ignoring the problem can lead to a more expensive issue later down the road. So, when your car’s engine light turns on, it’s best to bring your vehicle into AutoWorks and let us check it out.

  1. Misaligned Steering

The emblem on your steering wheel should be front and center when driving a straight line. If you have to fight with your steering wheel to keep your car going straight, then the steering is not aligning properly. This is a telltale sign that it is time to bring your car in for diagnosis and repair. Readjusting your car’s alignment is a very common procedure. It is also a rather inexpensive fix meaning there is no reason to put off fixing it as doing so will cause the tires to wear out much quicker.

  1. Louder Than Normal Exhaust

Once you have driven your car for so long you become very accustomed to how it drives as well as how it sounds. If the noise coming from your exhaust is louder than you remember, it is a good idea to let us check it out. It could be as simple as a loose cat back converter. Nevertheless, ignoring the issue will greatly compromise your gas mileage and we all pay enough for gasoline the way it is.

  1. Colored Smoke Coming from Exhaust

It’s normal to see near transparent smoke come from your car’s exhaust. However, dark colored smoke is an indicator something is wrong. Black/dark blue smoke means your car is burning oil, while white smoke means your car is burning antifreeze. Either way, both of these indicate a leak has occurred, which means it’s time to give AutoWorks a call.

  1. Engine Knocking

If it sounds like your car’s engine is bouncing around while driving, you need to bring your vehicle in for repair as soon as possible. Engine knocking is a very serious indicator that something major is wrong. There can be a multitude of culprits causing the knocking, including blown valves and thrown rods. Whatever the reason is, if left neglected, the engine will soon seize up and become a gigantic paperweight.

Our automobiles work tirelessly to serve us, the least we can do is perform the maintenance required to keep them running in top shape. At AutoWorks, our professional technicians have the experience and know-how to correctly handle any automobile problem you might have. From simple oil changes to engine repair in Delray Beach, AutoWorks can handle it all.