Complete Car Care is What AutoWorks Provides in Delray Beach

AutoWorks for the Most Efficient and Professional Oil Change in Delray Beach

It’s one of the first lessons we learn when we get a car and so many of us forget: Make sure your vehicle has its motor oil and oil filter changed at regular intervals. Regular oil changes are essential to getting the most life out of your vehicle. That’s why we, at AutoWorks, place a sticker right there on the driver’s side of the windshield, telling you the date and at what mileage the next oil service is due.

When it comes to motor oil, there are different types of consistency, but at AutoWorks we like to focus on the consistency of our high ratings and satisfied customers. There are few things that are consistent and reliable in life. We are not part of some big conglomerate or national chain; AutoWorks is an independent full-service auto repair shop that has been operating at the same Delray Beach, FL, location for more than 40 years. Our valued customers have counted on us for the consistency of our workmanship and high-performance outcomes.

Fortunately for us, our Delray Beach weather does not fluctuate very much. With that said, a lot of modern cars and oil are effective across all weather types, and newer engines are designed and tested to work best with consistent oil specified in each owner’s manual. However, an oil change is cheaper than a new engine so don’t risk it, keep you oil changes consistent with the best oil change in Delray Beach at AutoWorks.

Oil Change in Delray Beach: Summer Tips 

In Delray Beach, especially during the humid and hot summer months, people spend a lot of time behind the wheel of their car. Idling in traffic, searching for that perfect parking spot at the beach, and hitting the highway all take their toll on your car. There are several ways to tell that it’s time for an oil change if you’re driving in the Delray Beach area – and one of them should definitely not be the Check Engine light.

The summer driving season is expensive since more families are taking long trips and gas prices are the highest. In case you forgot your car maintenance 101 tips from Drivers Ed, changing the motor oil and oil filter in your vehicle is critical for its longevity and performance and will provide maximum protection against engine part wear and excessive heat. Motor oil is measured in viscosity, which is the thickness of the oil. In the past, motor oil used the term “weight,” such as a 10-Weight-30 oil, to define the same thing that the term “viscosity” means today. When it comes to proper summer maintenance for your car, there are a few things that car owners in Delray Beach should be aware of.

There may be a benefit to using a higher viscosity in hot climate locations such as south Florida. In the winter months, your car oil can get thick (think molasses) which can be an issue for pumps and oil movement inside the engine. However, the opposite is true for the summer months where lighter oil can break down in the heat and not provide proper protection for your car and driving safety.

Here are some signs that your car’s motor oil needs changing to protect the engine:

  • An engine that is running louder than normal could indicate that it needs an oil change, pronto! (Engine parts rubbing together cause excessive engine noise). An AutoWorks technician can quickly and professionally change the motor oil and replace the oil filter.
  • The Check Engine or Oil Light comes on and remains lit. This can indicate a problem with the engine or oil level. We will run a diagnostic and check the oil level when this happens.
  • A technician happens to inspect and reports that the oil looks black and gritty. Then it is definitely time to have AutoWorks change the oil.
  • Smoke from your car’s exhaust pipe when it is not cold outside is an indicator of low oil level. We will perform an inspection and then replace the oil and the oil filter.

Believe it or not, motor oil is subjected to more misinformation and lack of transparency than any other aspect of auto maintenance. It’s sound ridiculous buts it’s true. This can be a problem since using the right oil and having regular oil changes are essential to the longevity and health of your car. At AutoWorks, we believe you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late. Be one of those Delray Beach car owners who maintain their vehicles for optimum performance and safety because you have a reliable, dependable, and honest auto repair shop right in Delray Beach.

Are you looking for the best oil change in Delray Beach? Come to AutoWorks. You can’t miss us! AutoWorks is located in an eye-catching and very large freestanding facility on SW 10th Street, just west of downtown Delray Beach, near Congress Avenue. To ensure optimum service for our many happy AutoWorks customers we have 7 bays and 5 lifts in a fully loaded shop that is equipped with all of the most advanced, updated, and upgraded equipment and premium diagnostics software. Our ASE-certified technicians can offer complete automotive services to help keep your car, truck or van in its best shape all year long.