Summer Car Maintenance: Five Things You Need to Address

Summers in Florida can be intense. With temperatures reaching into the hundreds and humidity a constant, sticky annoyance, Florida’s subtropical climate can be hard to cope with. That’s why millions flock to the beaches or pools to cool off during hot summer days and crank up the air-conditioning to stay comfortable at home. We take special care to protect our pets from the summer heat as well, giving them extra water and avoiding taking dogs for a walk during high noon.

Your car needs that same kind of attention. Though we often don’t worry about a car’s maintenance until it’s time to get serviced or something goes wrong, keeping up with complete car care in Delray Beach can save you thousands in unexpected vehicle expenses. Keep your car running this summer by paying attention to these five things.

Battery Check

The extreme heat and humidity of Florida summer can seriously damage your car’s battery. The heat and vibration of driving your car combined with the raising temperatures outside can cause internal breakdowns, leaving you stuck on the side of the road instead of on the beach. Let an experienced technician offering complete car care in Delray Beach test your battery’s life to determine if it’s ready to get you through the summer of if you need a new one.

AutoWorks is here to help with all your battery and automotive needs. Our world-class technicians can perform a battery diagnostic free of charge. This includes checking the terminals and connections for signs of corrosion or damage that can affect your car’s ability to function properly. If there is a problem with your battery and you purchase a new one with us, installation is also free.

Engine Check

Your battery isn’t the only place where fluid levels matter. If your engine’s fluids are low or depleted, it can ruin the car’s engine and leave you with a junk car. Because the summer’s heat can cause vital fluids in the engine to evaporate more quickly than usual, it’s important to ensure they’re at the right levels. Skipping out on these inspections can cost you more than $3,000 for a replacement engine.

If you’re planning a road trip this summer, be sure you and your family are safe and secure for the journey. Stop in to AutoWorks today for complete car care in Delray Beach, including engine servicing. We can flush and replace coolants to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat, as well as motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering, and brake fluid levels. We also assess the condition of engine hoses and belts for signs of deterioration that can become a problem in the future.

Tire Check

One of the most common issues one may face during the hot months of a Florida summer is tire problems. Tire blowouts can put a serious damper in your beach day plans. The force of the explosion can also cause other damage to your tire rods, exterior, or interior components. Low air pressure makes tires more likely to blow out during hot summer days.

To avoid tire issues ruining your plans, be sure to check your tire pressure on a monthly basis. If you’re planning a longer trip, be sure to double check your tires before hitting the road—including your spare. When checking the tire pressure, be sure to follow the recommendation stamped on the side of the tire. The one listed on your driver’s door inner panel may not be accurate for your tire’s brand.

If you notice tire issues such as air leaks or punctures, take it in to an auto repair shop in Delray Beach immediately. AutoWorks can plug, patch, or replace any tire to help you get right back on the road.

AC Check

Air-conditioning is a lifesaver in this Florida heat. Don’t spend the entire summer forced to deal with either suffocating in a roasting hot car or the bugs and debris that comes from driving with the windows down. If your car’s air-conditioning isn’t as cool as it used to be or it’s completely broken, find a convenient auto AC service in Delray Beach like AutoWorks.

Even if your car’s air-conditioning isn’t broken, taking advantage of our quick and easy AC system check can keep it running strong all summer long. We’ll check all your lines, hoses, and seals and make sure the compressor is working properly. If any problems are found, we can get your car’s air-conditioning back to functioning properly when you need it most.

Windshield Wipers Check

Florida summers are notorious for temperamental weather. We all know how quickly it can move from bright and clear to torrential storm in a matter of seconds. Don’t get stuck on the road in the middle of a sudden storm with poorly functioning wipers. If the windshield wipers streak or skip during use or you notice shedding on the blades, it’s time to get them replaced.

If you can’t remember the last time your windshield wipers were replaced, it’s a good idea to have them inspected and potentially replaced by the professional technicians at AutoWorks. Skip the struggle of guessing if you have the right size or brand and let an expert in complete car care in Delray Beach take care of everything.

If you haven’t had your car serviced this summer, contact AutoWorks today to set up your appointment!