Brakes Going Bad? Five Signs to Never Ignore!

When was the last time you got the brakes on your vehicle changed? Odds are you don’t remember or they haven’t been changed. In fact, most people aren’t well-versed in car maintenance, which can be a costly mistake. At AutoWorks Delray Beach, we know that waiting until your car has a problem to fix it can cost you thousands in unexpected repairs. Catching early signs of wear and tear can save more than your wallet—it can save your life.

Your car’s braking system is one of the most important components of a safe and operational vehicle. Faulty brakes can cause serious accidents, resulting in injury or death. Making sure your brakes are capable of protecting you and the people you love while you’re on the road is crucial.

Don’t ignore these five signs of bad brakes:

Squeaking, Squealing, or Grinding Brakes

Noisy brakes are more than just embarrassing—it may be a sign of old brake pads in need of replacement. As your brake pads wear down, they can accumulate dust that can cause vibration or squealing as you brake or when you lift your foot. Severely worn brakes may cause grinding or scraping sounds as metal scrapes against metal.

Vibrations or Wobbling When Braking

Does your steering wheel shake or vibrate during braking? It could be because of an uneven rotor. Your rotor is a large disc that sits inside the wheel that the brake pad impacts when you apply your brake. Ideally, the rotor is smooth and even, but overtime it may warp or wear, causing your steering wheel to vibrate or wobble.

Soft Brake Pedals

When you brake, does the pedal sink farther than you expect, or even hit the floor? If the resistance feels softer than usual or takes more effort to apply your brakes, you should seek brake service from AutoWorks in Delray Beach immediately. There may be air or moisture in the braking system or a problem with the master cylinder. Luckily, AutoWorks offers quick and convenient brake inspections and replacements. You can even drop your vehicle off after hours for prompt servicing in the morning.

Leaking Fluids

If you notice fluids pooling on your driveway or in parking spaces you’ve recently vacated, don’t ignore it. Leaking fluids can be a sign of a number of issues, not the least of which is a punctured brake line. Low brake fluid can interfere with your ability to stop your car on time to avoid a collision. Be sure to have an AutoWorks technician, who specializes and is ASE-certified in auto repair in Delray Beach, inspect the master cylinder for damage to find the source of brake fluid leaks.

Brake Light

If the brake light in your vehicle comes one, go directly to AutoWorks, which offers complete automotive care in Delray Beach. Although you may be able to stretch the time between some car services, you should never ignore the brake light. Any issues with the brakes can be dangerous for you, pedestrians, or other drivers. If you have the brake service light and any of the previously noted issues, be sure to get your car inspected at AutoWorks. Our team of professional and expert technicians is prepared to help get your car back on the road as quickly as possible.

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