AutoWorks Delray Beach: Complete Car Care

At AutoWorks Auto Repair in Delray Beach, we know that the number one secret to complete car care is a proper maintenance with the best car care company in your area. You can only stay in business for as long as we have and consistently get rave reviews by providing fast, efficient, professional, and courteous service.

Ask any car care specialist or any person who has spent a ton of money getting their car repaired and they will tell you: Don’t ignore preventive maintenance. If you have a car in Delray Beach, Florida, it can be tempting just to ignore any type of maintenance until something goes wrong. We probably don’t have to tell you that this is statistically a bad idea. However, not everyone knows or understands what preventive maintenance is, what you should do, and when or how you should do it. So let’s clear that up, and give you the number one secret tip that will apply to complete car care for any vehicle:

The #1 Secret to Complete Car Care: Preventive Maintenance 

The number one secret to complete car care is taking care of the basics, such as changing the motor oil and oil filter, checking the tire pressure and rotating tires, and getting scheduled inspections. Just like regular checkups at the doctor, this kind of attention to the maintenance of your vehicle will extend its longevity and give you—and the experts at AutoWorks—a chance to catch anything serious before it becomes a major problem. Preventive care can save you money.

Every other time you fill up your car in Delray Beach, you can take care of several basic things such as cleaning the windshield and checking the tire pressure. However, there are other services that can only be done at the most professional and honest auto repair shop in Delray Beach – rotating your tires after every 5,000 o 10,000 miles, changing the air filter every 12,000 miles, or replacing the wiper blades.

Here are a few car care tips from AutoWorks:

  • Change the motor oil: Just like changing a light bulb, you can expect to need to change the motor oil in your car. Be ahead of the game and schedule regular oil change appointments at AutoWorks. Many of our experienced technicians refer to motor oil as your car’s lifeblood, because oil lubricates the engine and protects the moving parts from heat and friction. As oil ages and cycles through the engine, it begins breaking down and is unable to effectively do its job. As a car ages, more frequent changes are required. For a clear answer about how often your car needs an oil change, call AutoWorks of Delray Beach and speak with one of our ASE-certified technicians. Our specialists will tell you the truth about motor oil.
  • Keep up with tire rotations, tire air pressure checks, and alignment adjustments: Your vehicle’s tires take a beating, especially on the summer roadways. They bear the weight of your vehicle. They are expensive, and they’re built to last. However, even the best tires will wear down and lose air pressure over time. Ensuring proper tire inflation isn’t just a good idea for tire longevity – it can also save your life. Under or over-inflated tires are more susceptible to tire blowouts at high speeds, which can be a life-threatening situation. Also, driving regularly will have an adverse effect on the wheel wear. With frequent tire rotations and alignment checks, you can keep the wheels balanced and ensure that they’re always wearing evenly. Call AutoWorks today to schedule a tire rotation or alignment adjustment, and our friendly and professional technicians will check the tire pressure as well.
  • Check the battery’s charge: This is pretty straightforward and kind of like making sure your heart is still beating. Most car batteries last 3-5 years. However, severe driving habits and harsh temperatures can affect the lifespan of your battery. Once your battery is 3 years old, you can schedule a battery test that will alert you to a dying battery with enough advanced warning that you can install a new one. You will also save money because when a car engine is receiving enough power, your gas mileage increases and the engine emits fewer chemicals into the atmosphere.
  • Replace worn-down brake pads: We know, traffic is very stressful and stopping and starting really wears down your brake pads. Racing to a stop sign and slamming on your brakes may not be the best thing for the complete care of your car, but if that’s your style, make sure you do proper maintenance. As you drive and brake, the brake pads are experiencing a high amount of friction. These pads are all that stands between the braking mechanism and the rotor, and every sudden stops wear heavily on them. If the brake pads become too thin, they’ll start grinding against other parts of the car. This can cause serious damage and require expensive repairs. Schedule a brake pad replacement with AutoWorks every year and keep the brake pads thick and effective – so your car will drive safely and protect you during every stop.
  • Replace the wiper blades: windshield wipers won’t last for a long time this summer, especially because heat tends to degrade rubber quickly. A good rule of thumb is to have the wiper blades replaced every 6-12 months. When the rain and summer bugs begin smudging and smearing under the blades, rather than being wiped clean, you’ll know your blades are due for replacement, and you can call AutoWorks for a quick and easy fix. You can reach us via phone, 561-272-745, or via email,

Professional and Honest Complete Car Care in Delray Beach: AutoWorks 

There are so many more secrets to complete car care that we can share. With AutoWorks, you know that you are getting the most up-to-date technology that reflects the growing and changing automotive industry and the highest-quality brands and parts at the most reasonable prices.

AutoWorks in Delray Beach complete car care includes a free visual inspection, where our technicians will check your vehicle for major systems and components and its exterior condition. We’ll also check under the hood and check all fluids, as well as the brakes and tires. We know that you need to do things like check hoses and belts regularly, and replace old spark plugs. We’ve got you covered!