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The Best Auto Care Shop in Delray Beach

In today’s world, our cars have become more of a tool than a luxury. So, when your car isn’t working correctly, it can be stressful. Lucky for you, AutoWorks is your premier auto care facility in Delray Beach! AutoWorks has skilled and experienced mechanics that are dedicated to helping people fix their vehicles and get them back on the road as quickly as possible.

Oil Change

For your car to run at its best, it requires regular oil changes. The internal combustion engine is a complex system of gears, pistons, driveshafts, crankshafts, and more. These components need to function in unison for the vehicle to run smoothly. Oil is essential to lubricate that system and ensure everything functions the way it needs to. AutoWorks is your premier auto repair shop in Delray Beach. AutoWorks’ mechanics specialize in American, Japanese, European, and Korean cars, and know what your make and model needs to get back on the road.

Car Tune-Up

Over time, your vehicle can get out of tune and begin to malfunction. As your vehicle ages and accumulates miles, wear and tear are common to experience. With a tune-up at AutoWorks, your vehicle can return to functioning like new! Common parts that may need to be fixed or replaced include:

  • Brake Pads
  • Spark Plugs
  • Fuel System
  • Transmission
  • Steering Alignment
  • Battery Changes
  • Engine Belts
  • Engine Hoses

All of these parts and more will be inspected, then repaired or replaced as needed. By getting a car tune-up at AutoWorks, you’re getting service that you can trust. Every tune-up is conducted by one of our trained mechanics that have years of experience with different brands and types of vehicles. AutoWorks is your go-to auto shop in Delray Beach for all your car needs.

Free Services

At AutoWorks, we understand that cost is a major factor when deciding on auto repairs. This factor is why AutoWorks performs several services for free to best serve our community. Free services we provide include:

  • AC System check, including lines, hoses, seals, and compressor
  • Battery inspection, including terminals, electrolyte level, and a charge and load test
  • Check engine light diagnosis with possible solutions
  • Old tire disposal with new tire purchase
  • TPMS Reset
  • Tire pressure checks
  • Shuttle service

And for regular or long-time customers, we also will offer a free diagnostic check to make sure your car is safe on the road. Whereas most mechanics or auto shops wouldn’t go above and beyond to provide such outstanding service, AutoWorks strives to be different. AutoWorks operates where a word and a handshake mean something, and people help people. AutoWorks has been delivering the best auto service for over 30 years. Family owned and operated, AutoWorks’ top value is putting the customer first, which is why we’re dedicated to high-quality customer service and transparency. Ready for a tune-up or need an inspection? Call AutoWorks today at (561) 272-7451 to get scheduled!