Oil Change Delray Beach

Why a Simple Oil Change is the Most Misunderstood Maintenance Service

You know the scenario; you just started out for work and a car light starts to show your oil is low, or it needs changing. Doesn’t this always seem to happen at the most inopportune moments? You can ignore it and figure it might go away if you turn off the car and come back to it later, but you know it won’t and you’ve got to deal with it sooner or later. Industry experts agree that as soon as you see the oil alert, it’s best to head over to the car shop for an oil change. It could also be an indication of something else going on with your car. So, why is this relatively inexpensive, quick and easy to preform service universally dreaded? For some, taking the time off work is just a hassle and sitting in the shop reading out-of-date magazines is no fun. However, did you know that regular oil changes can prolong the life of your car by years? If you’re in need of an oil change in Delray Beach, bring your car to the expert technicians at AutoWorks. We have the years of knowledge and hands-on experience required to get your oil changed quickly with no hassles and no hidden charges. We guarantee you’ll love the service and individualized attention you’ll get from our family-run business. What’s more, it’s good to know that regular oil changes and car maintenance at AutoWorks will keep your vehicle’s engine healthy for years to come. Here’s why:

  • Better engine performance – regular oil changes in Delray Beach help to keep your engine lubricated, clean and purring. What’s more, it improves efficiency by helping to remove particles of debris and sludge that can corrode your engine over time.
  • Longer engine life – oil is the driving influence, so to speak, of your engine. But dirty oil negatively effects the health of your engine and without regular oil and filter changes, your engine will not last as long.
  • Better gas mileage – clean oil means less dirt and sludge build up in the engine. This in turn allows your engine to run more efficiently and your car to get better gas mileage.
  • Regular oil changes – crucial parts like crank shafts and connecting rods all work together to drive your engine to perform as efficiently as possible, and oil changes help to maintain other parts in your car. All in all, routinely changing the oil in your car helps to keep everything clean and running smoothly.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Change My Oil? 

At AutoWorks, our technicians are asked this question time and time again. The good news is that today’s newer cars have computers that do the work for you. A simple yellow light alerting you to change the oil is all the prompt you need these days. Auto professionals agree that the best place to check how many miles your vehicle can go before its oil needs changing is a question best answered in your car’s bible— the vehicle handbook. Review it often to get the most efficient performance out of your car or truck for years to come. When it comes time for your oil change in Delray Beach, AutoWorks is the place to go. We are a family-run business that treats all of our customers like one of our own. Come by our shop in Delray Beach today or call for an appointment at (561) 272-7451.