Oil Change Delray Beach

Top Five Reasons for an Oil Change in Delray Beach 

If there is one maintenance requirement that all Delray Beach car experts can agree on, it’s having a regular oil change. Engines are large pieces of machinery that are made of hundreds of tiny moving parts. The oil within your car makes all of those little elements work smoothly, which then helps your engine to run with ease. Over time, depending on how often you drive, the oil becomes contaminated. It picks up debris and dust that can cause wear and tear on the elements within your engine, plus other factors that can contribute to engine failure. In this article, the experts at AutoWorks Delray explain the perks of having a regular oil change, and how a routine maintenance check can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.   


Engine Efficiency Only Happens with an Oil Change in Delray Beach   

Because of all of the moving parts in your engine, it is important for them to work together. If one piece of the vehicle is in danger, then it throws off the remainder of the other parts it interacts with. If there is friction, it can create heat, which can also wear down the engine quickly.  



Remove the Wear and Tear Particles   

As mentioned, oil can become contaminated with dirt and debris. These small particles damage the metals and surfaces of the moving parts causing more damage to your engine. To avoid this phase, vehicle owners must pay attention to the recommended miles for their oil change. Once the recommended miles for your make and model has been reached, it’s time to bring it in for a check-up.   


Improve Your Gas Mileage   

It often surprises people that gas mileage is affected by an oil change. However, according to experts, the U.S Department of Energy states that with an oil change, vehicle owners can improve their gas mileage up to 2%. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but over time, those numbers add up!   


Keep Your Car for Longer  

Last, but not least, an oil change ensures that your car is staying safe for the long haul. If you plan to keep your car for a while, you’ll want to take proper care of its insides, just as you do its outsides. Because the engine is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, scheduling maintenance care is a must.   


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