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When is Your Vehicle Asking for a Brake Service in Delray Beach?

Your gas mileage is dependent on how much you drive, and your need for brake service in Delray Beach is also dependent on how much you drive. Your need for a brake repair or replacement is also dependent on how you drive. If you’re a fast driver, and brake quickly, then your brake pads are going to need servicing sooner than others. However, if you’re a slow and careful driver, your brake pads should last you much longer. There are a few signs that your vehicle is asking for a brake service. Keep reading to learn more!   


Signs It’s Time for a Brake Service in Delray Beach   

The most telling sign that there is something wrong with your brakes is if the brake light comes on. However, there may be some indications before the light indicator comes on that can also mean that your car needs service. For example, if you hear squeaking, grinding noises, and squealing, chances are your brakes are suffering.  


You’ll know your brakes are in serious trouble when the vehicle shakes, scrapes, or wobbles when putting pressure on the brake pedal. If this is currently happening to your vehicle, you must have the situation assessed immediately! 


There are a few other signs that something could be wrong including the car pulling to one side, a burning smell while driving, or the car bouncing when you make a sudden stop.   


What happens when the brake pads are low?  

Brake pads are there so that the metal from one surface doesn’t collide with the metal of another surface. When the brake pads start to wear thin, it is because there is no protective barrier between the surfaces and the two metals have begun to grind against each other. This can cause permanent damage to your rotors if it is not fixed quickly. It is far less expensive to repair your brake pads than it is to repair your rotors, so it is best to make brake pad maintenance a priority ahead of time. 


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