Oil Change Delray Beach

How to Tell When It’s Time for an Oil Change in Delray Beach

Changing your vehicle’s motor oil can be an easy process. At AutoWorks, it takes 20 minutes to change your car’s motor oil, oil filter, and to inspect it for safety. If you have an appointment, you can wait for the oil change in our air-conditioned and clean waiting room or you can drop off your car and we will call you when the oil change is finished. Fresh, clean oil helps to optimize for your vehicle’s performance so it keeps your mind at ease when you’re on the road.

For some drivers, the difficult part of oil changes is that they forget when their car needs them. As a crucial part of your car’s lifeline, it’s important not to skip the regular and required oil change.

Check Engine / Oil Light: A Sign for an Oil Change

When your car is running on old and dirty oil, you’ll receive an indication from the check oil light. Whenever there’s a light glowing on the dashboard, your vehicle is trying to tell you something before it becomes an urgent problem. An active oil notification is a clear message that says you need to schedule an oil change in Delray Beach. Though your vehicle will run, if you neglect to change its motor oil, the damage may be taking place even if you can’t hear or see it. If continued without an oil change, the car may show a check engine light. This indicates that the situation is getting worse and that you could be damaging the engine. 

Engine Noise

Oil is the lubrication for working parts and components in your car. This means that it allows all of the smaller pieces to work together so that the engine runs smoothly and effectively. If the oil is dirty, old, or has been depleted, you might start to hear engine noises, and notice other abnormalities. This is a sure sign that you’ll need to have the motor oil changed immediately, especially if you’re hoping to stop further damage. 

Dark Oil 

Fresh and clean motor oil is transparent and amber in color. When the oil is dirty, it’s thick and black. This is because the oil in the car’s system becomes clouded with debris and dirt from other parts and components. The more debris that adds up within the substance, the more wear and tear there will be. Scheduling an appointment will ensure that the oil is fresh and clean, providing you with the tools you need to travel better. 

Mileage Limit 

Every time you have the motor oil changed, AutoWorks technicians place a sticker on the inside driver side windshield that states the next time you’ll need an oil change. This includes a mileage number and a date. If you hit the mileage number first, then you can schedule an appointment. If you hit the date first, then you should still schedule a check-up. Professionals recommend having your vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000 miles, but newer vehicles are able to go almost 6,000 miles without an oil change.  

If you’re looking for a company to help you with your oil change in Delray Beach, you’re in the right place. At AutoWorks Delray, we’re a team of certified and seasoned professionals who have been in the automotive industry for decades. When you bring your vehicle in for an inspection, repair, or an oil change, you’re trusting that the technicians know what they’re doing.

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