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Ever Wondered When to Bring Your Vehicle to AutoWorks? Definitely when your vehicle is making noises.

Often, AutoWorks customers call the office and tell us that their car, truck, or van is making a noise. They try their best to describe the noise. Automobiles can make more than 100 noises when there is something wrong. 

Most of the time, car owners are not sure if the noise they are hearing is a banging, clanging, drumming, or knocking. 

Remember, some sounds are normal and harmless, but many need immediate attention. 

Before you call AutoWorks, select the description from the chart below that comes close to the noise you are hearing. Also, try to identify from which area of your car this noise is emanating. The same noise from the rear of the vehicle can mean something very different from the same noise in the front of the vehicle.

Then bring your car to AutoWorks and we will investigate and inspect until we identify the source of the sound and determine why the sound is being made.

Noises car make Sounds like
Bang Loud, sudden, explosive noise as the discharge of a gun
Bong Dull, resonant sound as a large bell
Boom Deep, prolonged, resonant sound
Buzz Low, vibrating, humming sound as people talking
Chirp Short, sharp sound as a small bird
Clack A quick, sharp sound
Clang Loud, resonant sound such as a large bell or heavy pieces of metal striking together
Clank Sharp, hard, nonresonant sound such as two pieces of metal striking one against the other
Clap Abrupt, sharp sound such as that produced by clapping
Clash Abrupt, sharp sound as of flat surfaces striking against each other
Clatter Loud, rattling sound as that produced by hard objects striking rapidly one against the other
Click A slight, sharp sound
Clink Light, sharp, ringing sound
Clunk Heavy thump or bump sound without reverberation that can often sound a little muted
Crack Sudden sharp sound
Creak Sharp, harsh, grating, or squeaking sound
Croak Low-pitch, harsh sound as the sound of a frog or a raven
Crunch Crushing or grinding noise such as chewing with a crushing noise
Drone Dull, continued, low, monotonous sound such as humming or buzzing
Drum Booming, tapping, or hollow sound such as that of beating a drum
Flap   Repetitious noise that sounds like a  flag in a strong wind
Grate Harsh, discordant, or rasping sound
Grind Harsh metal-on-metal scraping noise
Groan Long, low sound
Gurgle Sound as water is flowing in a broken, irregular, noisy current
Hiss Sharp sound as a snake does or as steam does when forced under pressure through a small opening
Hoot Sounds such as the cry of an owl
Howl Strong wind noise even if the windows are completely rolled up
Hum Droning or a buzzing sound 
Jingle Clinking or tinkling sounds like that made by coins, keys, or other light resonant metal objects
Knock Strike a sounding blow with the fist, knuckles, or anything hard, especially on a door or window
Moan A prolonged, low, inarticulate sound
Patter A light succession of light tapping sounds
Ping Sharp sound such as a bullet striking a sheet of metal
Pop Short, quick, explosive sound
Pound Sound produced when striking repeatedly with great force
Rap Noise produced when knocking lightly
Rattle Rapid succession of short, sharp sounds
Roar Loud, deep sound
 Rumble   Deep, heavy, muffled, continuous sound such as thunder
Scrape Sound made when something is rubbed
Scratch Sound produced when marking the surface with something sharp
Screech Harsh, shrill sound
Slap Sound made by a blow or smack
Squeak Short, sharp, shrill cry as a sharp, high-pitched sound
Squeal Prolonged, sharp, shrill sound
Tick Slight, sharp, recurring click, tap, or beat, as of a clock
Whine Drawn-out high-pitch noise that usually changes with engine speed
Whistle Shrill, loud, high-pitch noise