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Change of season: time for an oil change at autoworks

At AutoWorks of Delray Beach, Florida, we know that the oil in your car does a lot when it comes to keeping your car running smoothly. Getting an oil change in preparation for summer is especially important because a super-hot engine needs all the lubrication it can get. The change of season is here, which means Delray Beach temperatures are rising and at those high temperatures, your car engine’s oil is really getting put through the wringer. But thanks to AutoWorks you can ride into summer with ease after a top-notch oil change by one of our certified AutoWorks technicians.

You probably already know that your car can’t magically take care of itself. As car maintenance experts we typically suggest that you bring your car into our AutoWorks technician every 5,000 miles or so, to keep your car running well and to extend its life. Try to get in the habit of regularly scheduled visits to do fundamental things such as rotate the tires or get an oil change.

You can trust AutoWorks, your local Delray Beach oil change specialist to make sure that your car is receiving regular and high-quality care.

No matter what season it is, having fresh, clean motor oil optimizes your car’s performance by properly lubricating engine parts and keeping the engine healthy. The many moving parts of an engine can cause things to heat up but fresh oil can help to cool things down. AutoWorks is one of the leaders in Delray Beach auto repair and we only use high-quality oil that is designed to keep your engine running and prevent overheating this summer.

For the full-synthetic oil, we use Chevron Havoline 5W-30, which the top-rated and top-selling motor oil for the summer season. This lubricant is formulated with high-quality base stocks that maintain excellent performance of the engine. Moreover, this oil contains a special detergent that helps to clean the engine. The oil also has high-temperature oxidation stability, meaning that it is perfect for high-temperature operation. Besides maintaining smooth performance, this oil also protects the engine against rusting and wear.

These days we don’t need to choose different oil grades for the changes in season from cold to hot weather, but we do need to invest in regular oil changes to combat the consistently hot weather.

Why should you get an oil change for your car? Ask the experts at AutoWorks.

If you’re not sure why you have to change the oil in your car, you should probably be made aware of all of the tasks that good clean motor oil performs for your car:

– Separating and lubricating moving parts
– Reducing engine wear
– Helping to prevent deposits from forming on internal engine components
– Removing and suspending dirt and contaminants in the oil until these contaminants can be removed at the next oil     change
– Cooling engine parts
– Enhancing engine fuel efficiency
– Providing protection across a wide range of temperatures
– Operating hydraulics in variable valve timing
– Helping protect the emissions system

Every time the engine runs, by-products from combustion contaminate the engine oil. If the contaminants build up in the oil, they can settle and create sludge and deposits in the engine. Using low-quality motor oil, neglecting to change your oil, and maintenance issues can also lead to sludge forming in the engine.

If the engine components and oil passages are dirty, the vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and quality can diminish. Deposits also trap heat inside the engine like an insulating blanket.

If your car oil is not changed regularly eventually your engine will eventually shut down and need to be completely replaced. This will be costly. More costly than maintaining your oil as recommended. You don’t want to wait until this happens, as this can be a huge expense.

Here are 10 signs that your vehicle might need fresh clean oil:

– The oil looks dark or dirty
– The car’s engine is making loud noises
– Oil Change alert or Check Engine alert is illuminated
– Overheating
– Exhaust smoke
– Low oil level
– The smell of oil inside the cabin
– Ticking noise when starting
– Shaking while at idle
– Poor fuel economy

If your car is displaying any of these symptoms, it is time for an oil change. The season is changing and the heat is turning up. You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping your engine as cool as possible so you can travel freely. To schedule an appointment or learn more about AutoWorks Delray, give us a call at 561-272-7451.