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Why take your bmw to an independent auto repair in delray beach

When you need to take in your BMW for auto repair in Delray Beach, don’t take it to a dealership. When it comes to luxury vehicles, dealerships have a reputation for performing routine service at astronomical prices. You can save money and get more than the basic maintenance and routine service by taking your BMW to an independent BMW service & repair shop, like Autoworks. Let’s explore the benefits of choosing the latter.

Save Money On Parts And Service

Many dealerships charge too much for parts and labor with luxury brands, such as BMWs. You may end up paying double the price of high-quality work at an independent repair shop. You will save money because service and parts are priced more competitively, so you don’t have to worry about unreasonable markups.

More Experienced Mechanics

It is more common to find a mechanic with several years of experience specializing in BMWs at an independent shop than a dealership. Unlike dealerships, mechanics at indie shops provide repairs and maintenance specific to BMWs. This equates to more knowledge and experience. In many cases, the mechanics at an independent shop are manufacturer trained with prior experience working at a dealership where they first honed their craft.

At Autoworks, you will find the mechanics and their staff are up to date on the latest training and certifications for BMW repairs. We take the time to evaluate and diagnose your vehicle correctly, avoiding guesswork and misdiagnosis.

Get To Know Your Mechanic

If you are the type of person who wants to know the mechanic working on your vehicle, avoid the dealerships. It is very unlikely that you will get the same person who worked on your car the last time. Furthermore, chances are slim that you will even know the name of the mechanic who worked on your BMW or get an opportunity to speak to them. While you are waiting in the lobby, your BMW is probably getting thrown on the assembly line where it will receive rushed service. This does not give the mechanic enough time to thoroughly diagnose the problem and fix it. On the other hand, when you bring your car to a small shop, you build a relationship with a mechanic who will eventually know your car like the back of their hand.

More Convenient

Have you been going out of your way to getting your car serviced, maintained, and repaired by the dealership when an independent BMW shop is just around the corner? It’s true, the small shop is usually right in your neighborhood, therefore taking your BMW there for repairs is not only more affordable but more convenient.

You Won’t Void Your Warranty

You do not have to take your BMW to the dealer because you think the repair will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and, more importantly, must be covered by the dealer because of your warranty agreement. You can take your BMW anywhere you want for service and repairs. Additionally, dealerships are not allowed to deny a warranty claim because your vehicle was serviced elsewhere. Don’t be fooled by this old trick.

Better Customer Service

Most independent auto repair shops in Delray Beach rely on word of mouth and repeat business. As a result, they must produce high-quality, reliable service to get customers. When you bring your BMW into Autoworks, your car will be serviced by a mechanic who strives to make every BMW owner a customer for life. They will take extra care of your BMW, reminding you of necessary oil changes and inspections, without pushing unnecessary repairs on you. Our mechanics are in it for the long haul, not a quick buck.

Visit Autoworks BMW Service & Repair

We stand above dealerships and the average repair shop with our knowledge, professionalism, and customer care. We have been servicing satisfied customers throughout South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Davie, Hollywood, Miami, and more), utilizing our experience and common-sense approach to diagnosing BMWs. For BMW auto repair in Delray Beach, contact Autoworks. Call (954)467-1491 to schedule an appointment.