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Why your car’s ac is not blowing cold

There are many parts and components to a vehicle’s AC system. And some point in your vehicle’s life any one of them could be malfunctioning and in need of repair.

In the sweltering summer heat of South Florida, a working AC system in your car is absolutely necessary.

When the AC system in your vehicle is blowing hot air or not blowing at all, there could be several reasons. Here are a few:

Refrigerant leak

One of the most common reasons behind a car’s AC not working is a refrigerant leak. When the system’s pressure is low, the compressor does not cycle correctly. The leak usually occurs in the connections of the unit hose and happens due to oily substance accumulation. 

AC system needs to be evacuated and recharged

A low charge is sometimes the hidden culprit behind your car’s AC not blowing cold air. When the AC runs on a low charge, it limits the heat absorption by the evaporator coil. This can freeze the coil and compromise its heat absorption ability. The longer the AC runs on low charge, the more ice will grow around the coil. 

Compressor failure 

The compressor is what powers the refrigerant. When the liquid is pressurized, it reaches the system’s condenser. When there’s a delay in this passage, the AC stops working. Another reason is when the compressor doesn’t receive oil. If you haven’t used your car’s AC in a while, the compressors might be high. From leaking refrigerant to faulty electrical connection and the clutch not picking up, anything can cause a compressor to fail. 

Clutch Failure 

The clutch in a car’s AC delivers energy to the compressor. As soon as the air-conditioning turns on, the clutch engages, begins spinning, and transfers the power. To give the AC adequate breaks, the clutch keeps it from running constantly. When the clutch fails, the compressor doesn’t engage, and that’s why warm air comes out of the AC. 

Cabin filter is damaged 

The cabin filter separates the dust entering from the front. Debris accumulates when this filter gets blocked, damaging the condenser and motor fans. As a result, the AC stops blowing cold air even when switched on. 

Condenser fan failure 

The condenser fan gets damaged due to dirt and dust accumulation. Electrical issues, such as a blown fuse, can also be the reason behind the fan’s failure. 

Failures related to AC systems are unavoidable. However, you can easily avoid some issues with regular maintenance.

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