Oil Change Delray Beach

Everything you need to know about an oil change

You bought your first car and now you need to learn everything there is to properly maintain it. By now, you probably know the importance of getting an oil change, but not why it’s important, when to get one, and where to go. If you are looking for information on changing your oil, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about swapping out the old oil with new oil. When it’s time to get one, look no further than AutoWorks if you’re located in or near Delray Beach, Florida. Our team performs all standard auto repairs, including oil changes to ensure your vehicle stays in good condition.

What Type of Oil do I Need?
Every vehicle needs oil to lubricate the parts of the engine. Not only do vehicles need sufficient oil, but when the oil gets old, it needs to be replenished. The manufacturer specifically states what type of oil to use and when to get it changed. You can find all this information in the owner’s manual.

There are four types of oil:

  • Full synthetic
  • Synthetic blend
  • High mileage
  • Conventional

It is important that you don’t purchase the cheapest oil because you want to save a few bucks. Alternatively, you should not choose the more expensive option because you think it will help your car perform better. For example, synthetic blend motor oil costs less than full synthetic oil; however, it is ideal for pickup trucks and SUVs. So, if you own a pickup or SUV, don’t assume you are doing your vehicle any favors by paying more for synthetic oil. Get the oil that is recommended for your vehicle.

Types of Oil
If you didn’t know before, you now know the types of oil can be broken down into four groups (full synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, and conventional). The owner’s manual makes it easy to determine which oil to put in your vehicle. However, you may still want to know what each oil offers. In a nutshell, you will receive the following from these different oils.

  • Full synthetic: pure oil that works best in high and low-temperature extremes.
  • Synthetic blend: a combination of synthetic and organic oil that is best for cold temperatures, vehicles carrying heavy loads, and generally offers more gas mileage.
  • High mileage: designed with beneficial additives to prevent complications, like oil leaks, and made primarily for newer cars.
  • Conventional: comes with a wide range of quality levels and is best for vehicles with simple engine designs.

When you visit AutoWorks, our team will answer any questions you may have regarding the types of oil, oil quality, and viscosity grades. When you visit our repair shop, you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong oil for your vehicle. We’ll guide you into making the right choice. However, in general, most drivers opt for full synthetic oil or synthetic blend oil.

When to Get the Motor Oil Changed
In general, it is recommended that you take your vehicle in to replenish its oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on what type of oil you use. Again, reviewing your owner’s manual will give you a general idea of when to get it changed. We recommend two important things before you schedule an appointment with AutoWorks.

  • Check your owner’s manual to learn when the manufacturer recommends this service.
  • Regularly check your oil, no matter when it needs to be changed.

Why should you regularly check your oil? Checking the oil level will give you an indication of its condition. This is especially important with vehicles that burn oil quickly. If your level is low and the problem persists without your knowledge, this can lead to costly repairs. You can easily prevent this by applying the following steps to check your oil:

  • Park your vehicle on level ground.
  • Pull out the dipstick and wipe any oil off the end.
  • Look at the tip of the dipstick. Notice two lines? The lower level marks when the oil level is low. The upper-level marks when the tank is full.
  • Return the dipstick to its tube, pushing it all the way down. Withdraw it and check the oil level at the tip.
  • Where the oil is located will tell you if you have sufficient oil, or if you need to add an extra quart. Adding extra should keep it running smoothly until your next appointment with AutoWorks.

For a professional oil change, contact AutoWorks in Delray Beach, Florida. Call 561-272-7451 to schedule an appointment.