Auto repair shop you can trust for all your car's needs in Delray Beach

AutoWorks is the Delray Beach auto repair shop you can trust for all your vehicle’s needs

An independent auto repair center since 1983, AutoWorks has been in the same location for almost 40 years.

The repair shop was founded by Carl Ceraolo and taken over by his son, Denis, who operated the facility until 2014. At that time, the auto repair center was sold to Andrew Engel, who is carrying on the same customer-relationship values.

Our independent auto repair shop in Delray Beach isn’t like a big box auto shop that doesn’t care about the well-being of its customers. Our independent shop goes about auto repair in a different manner from other shops because we understand that people respond to a knowledgeable auto mechanic with a friendly and neighborly demeanor. Respect and courtesy are what you will get when you come into our shop.

AutoWorks Offers High-Quality Auto Repair in Delray Beach

Who can you trust for reliable auto repair in Delray Beach? The answer is AutoWorks.

With skilled and experienced technicians and mechanics, AutoWorks is an independent, full-service auto repair center with a dedication to high-quality customer service and transparency.

The mark of a competent and accomplished technician is one who can apply skills and expertise to a wide variety of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks.

AutoWorks is a Delray-Beach auto repair specialist that can lend its repair knowledge to American, Japanese, European, and Korean cars. AutoWorks’ large free-standing facility is located at 1501 SW 10th Street, Delray Beach, FL 33444, and can be reached by phone at 561-272-7451 or email at between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday.

Call AutoWorks today and take advantage of its high-quality auto repair services in Delray Beach for your vehicle at a price that’s always fair and honest.

AutoWorks offers a wide variety of auto repair services in Delray Beach, including:

  • AC system
  • Alignment
  • Alternators
  • Axles
  • Battery
  • Belts
  • Brakes
  • Check Engine light and other dash warning lights
  • CV joints
  • Electrical
  • Engine
  • Filters
  • Hoses
  • Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Oil change
  • Radiator
  • Starter
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Water pumps

All the services provided by the auto repair experts at AutoWorks are guaranteed to be performed by a knowledgeable specialist with plenty of experience on a wide variety of makes and models. Your vehicle is an essential part of your life, so why would you trust repairs, service, and maintenance to a repair shop without the experience you trust?

When it comes to finding one of the top Delray Beach auto repair shops with a dedication to integrity, transparency, and high-quality auto repair service, you can trust AutoWorks.

The mission of AutoWorks is to provide exceptional service and value for all customers. Whether you are stopping in for a quick oil change or a full-service engine overhaul in Delray Beach, AutoWorks is your primary source for reliable and honest auto repairs that won’t break the bank.

All services provided by AutoWorks are priced fairly and will not exceed your initial quoted estimate. With such a commitment to customer service and support, it’s no wonder why more people in Delray Beach and the surrounding areas are choosing AutoWorks for all their auto repair needs.

Five Features set AutoWorks apart from other auto repair centers – independent, corporate, and dealerships:

  1. Customer service and customer care
  2. Reliable and honest diagnosis and repair
  3. Fair, reasonable pricing, and transparent pricing
  4. Professional and expert technicians
  5. Efficient turn-around time

And every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, our technicians will conduct a visual inspection at no charge and provide you with a report of what, if any, repairs are needed immediately and what can wait for future repair.

Auto Works will also provide a free diagnostic check for any longtime customer. If it’s been a while since your last visit to a independent auto repair shop in Delray Beach, stop by AutoWorks and we’ll perform a diagnostic check free of charge to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road.

Most technicians and mechanics wouldn’t go out of their way to provide such outstanding service, but that’s just another reason why AutoWorks is one of the top independent auto repair shops in Delray Beach.

Call us today at 561-272-7451 and learn more about all the services and repairs offered by the experts at AutoWorks. You can also visit our location, 1501 SW 10th Street, Delray Beach, FL 33444; or email us at

Complete Car Care is What AutoWorks Provides in Delray Beach

Fixing cars was what he always wanted to do and when he turned 28, Andrew Engel decided to take the leap and open his own auto repair shop in Delray Beach.

DELRAY BEACH, FL, Feb. 10, 2015 – One of the youngest owners and operators of a business in Palm Beach County, Andrew Engel has opened AutoWorks, a complete car care repair shop in Delray Beach. After several positions at auto repair and body shops and after his 28th birthday, Andrew decided that he could be more productive if he worked for himself. After 3 months of researching various opportunities, he purchased an existing auto repair shop at 1501 SW 10th Street in Delray Beach and launched AutoWorks.

His interest in cars started when he was just a boy and turned into his occupation 2 years ago after completing the 18-month course in automotive technology at Lincoln College. After finishing the course, he worked at two local auto shops and shortly thereafter decided to go off on his own.

After reviewing a number of shops for sale in Palm Beach County, he settled on one in Delray Beach.

The AutoWorks facility is a large free-standing structure. For 30 years, the yellow-and-blue building was the home to Automotive Inc., which had established a strong reputation for honesty and high-quality work at fair and reasonable prices.

And Andrew wanted AutoWorks to work hard to keep that same level of high quality with a personal touch not found at the larger chain shops.

It was in 1983 when Carl Ceraolo opened the doors of the repair center and passed on to his son, Denis Ceraolo, who operated the facility under the name Automotive Inc. until 2014. In October 2014, Denis sold the auto repair facility to Andrew Engel who changed the name of the shop to AutoWorks.

The location of the shop is particularly appealing, SW 10th Street, just west of downtown Delray, one block east of Congress Avenue, past the I-95 overpass.

“The shop is on a corner of a very busy street with lots of traffic; only one block off Congress, very close to Linton and I-95,” Andrew told Atlantic Ave Magazine. “The shop is big, open and airy, has very high ceilings, and when the bays are open, there’s a lot of natural light and always a breeze.”

The shop is about 4,375 square feet and is highly visible, having been painted yellow and blue and standing tall on a busy corner. There are seven bays and six lifts. Two of the lifts are designed to handle heavy-duty pick-up trucks and vans.

“I love these big trucks,” Andrew confesses. “They’re a challenge. Not too many technicians are capable of working on these trucks and not too many shops have the lifts that can handle the weight. Our master technician, Luis, has many years of experience specifically working on pick-up trucks and vans. And I’ve been very successful whenever I’ve worked on a truck, anything from an F-150 up to a RAM 3500.”

The AutoWorks shop has two heavy-duty lifts. Each can carry a load of 12,000 pounds, more than enough to handle any size pick-up truck or van. One lift was just added, increasing the number of lifts in the shop to six.

Even though the shop had been in business repairing cars and other vehicles in that location since 1983, the previous owner was moving on and a new management had to gain the trust of existing customers – almost starting from scratch. AutoWorks was, essentially, a start-up operation.

Andrew recognizes that customer relationships are critical to establishing a sound and robust business. Andrew is both personable and friendly, greeting all his customers with extended hand and a big smile. He is able to connect with new and existing customers, making them feel comfortable.

Although the shop came with all the proper equipment, including an alignment machine, some of the equipment needed to be upgraded and updated. The technicians needed to be able to work on a variety of American, Japanese, and Asian cars, trucks, and vans – and even some high-end European cars.

“My biggest concern was whether I would have the right tools and equipment to repair cars, trucks, vans … whatever vehicle came in the door on my first day at the shop,” Andrew says.

Start-up capital was allocated to acquiring all the right tools and upgrading the equipment, enabling AutoWorks to compete with any shop in the area.

Another area of business Andrew intends to pursue for AutoWorks is fleet accounts. Any small business with three or more vehicles qualifies as a fleet account at AutoWorks. This entitles the customer to significant savings on the normal labor rate, as well as expedited service. Thirty-day credit terms can also be extended to fleet accounts who qualify.

Embarking on this new venture was less daunting after Andrew’s parents decided to come out of retirement and help set up operating procedures and fully automate the shop, including a Website and Facebook page, and working with a local SEO company to get on all the Internet directory sites. They also deal with vendors and suppliers, manage the business side of the shop, making sure that the daily operations run as smoothly as possible. This allows Andrew and his lead certified technician to focus solely on servicing and repairing vehicles. And it makes AutoWorks truly a family-owned and operated business.

“That’s what we do best: we know how to fix cars, trucks, vans … and we love doing that,” Andrew says.

“It’s a personal relationship business,” Andrew continues. “We have to start by establishing a relationship that is based on trust. We address our customer’s concerns about their vehicle. We will not repair anything on the car that is not broken. We will not repair anything on the car that is not approved by our customers. We will repair the vehicle quickly and we will do that in the most affordable way. We offer a personal touch and we often drive our customers to and from their home while their car is being repaired.

“While we are doing all this, we are courteous, friendly, and professional,” Andrew told Atlantic Ave. “We treat customers with respect – the way we would want to be treated ourselves.”

Customer Service
Affordable Pricing
Quick Turnaround
High quality Service
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    AutoWorks’ goal is to become the best auto repair shop in Delray Beach.

    To become known in the Delray Beach, FL, area as the auto repair center that provides honest and reliable diagnosis and repair

  • To develop a reputation of servicing and repairing vehicles quickly and at a reasonable cost in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment
  • To have satisfied customers that recommend us to their family, neighbors, and friends
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AutoWorks’ goal is to provide exceptional service, high quality products , and value.

AutoWorks is the local Delray Beach area auto repair center you can trust for all your vehicle’s needs.

At AutoWorks, our objective is to get your vehicle fixed and get you back on the road.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service, high quality, and value with focus on the needs of the customer and developing a lasting relationship. At AutoWorks, you’ll be treated fairly and honestly. We’ll leave the up-selling to the large franchise chains and dealerships. We’ll do just what’s needed to get your vehicle back on the road quickly, safely, and at a reasonable cost.

What we Promise to our Customers:

  1. To be your trusted, honest partner in diagnosing, evaluating, and repairing all problems with your vehicle
  2. To recommend only what’s needed to fix the problem
  3. To perform only the work required and make it safe for you to drive
  4. To provide a superior level of technical service and repair expertise
  5. To only use new OEM (original equipment from manufacturer) parts or new after-market parts, unless specifically authorized by you to do otherwise – avoid used parts
  6. To charge fair and reasonable prices with no outrageous mark-ups
  7. To advise you of any additional problems found, to discuss the problem with you, and provide all options from “nothing needs to be done now” to “must be fixed before the car can leave the shop”
  8. To treat you with respect and professionalism throughout the entire repair process
  9. To have your car ready by the end of the day, if brought in by appointment and by 8:00 am.
  10. To make customers feel as though they are part of the family
  11. To stand behind our work with parts warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles and labor warranty of 6 months or 6,000 miles

You’ll find AutoWorks’ staff, expertise, and professionalism to be a welcome change from the assembly-line approach of the national chains and franchises.

Shuttle service for customers is one of the many services we provide for free.
If your vehicle’s TPMS light is on, we will inspect and determine what the problem is at no charge. We will set all tire pressures to the proper level. No charge.

AutoWorks, your trusted auto-repair center, provides several services to our loyal and long-time customers and to our fleet customers, for FREE.

Bring in your vehicle for one of these special services, compliments of AutoWorks.

  1. Inspect and Inflate the tires: We’ll check all four tires and provide you with a report on their condition. We will inflate all tires to the proper level. No Charge.
  2. Battery Check: We’ll inspect your car’s battery, its terminals, and electrolyte level and we’ll measure the state of the charge and load test. No Charge.
  3. Check Engine Light On: What a stress-point this can be. You never know if it’s a serious problem or not. If the Check Engine light is on, bring your vehicle in and we’ll scan for the codes and report and interpret those codes for you. If AutoWorks performs the service needed or repairs, there will be No Charge.
  4. Diagnostic Check: For our fleet accounts and our long-time and loyal customers who may not have needed any work done on their car in the past year, we will gladly perform a free diagnostic to make sure all systems are go. No Charge.
  5. Confirm and Verify a Problem: For the most part, any time customers come to AutoWorks with a complaint about their vehicle, our technicians will determine what the problem is. No Charge.
  6. Estimates and Quotes: If you know what your vehicle needs to have repaired or services, AutoWorks will provide an estimate over the phone, via text, or through email communications. No Charge.

In addition, any time you bring your vehicle in for a repair or maintenance service, AutoWorks’ expert and qualified technicians will examine your vehicle for other issues at no charge to you.

Our technicians will apply a comprehensive 32-point visual inspection of your vehicle’s major components and systems that will identify any major issues with your vehicle and help you plan your future auto maintenance and auto repair needs.

Our technicians will look outside, inside, and under your vehicle. They will determine what needs immediate attention and what can wait.

After our examination, we will offer you a written report, evaluating the state of your vehicle.

AutoWorks services domestic and foreign vehicles, specializing in these manufacturers:

Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Porsche, Saab, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo

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