Free Services

AutoWorks, your trusted auto-repair center, provides several services to you, for FREE.

Shuttle service for customers is one of the many services we provide for free.
Shuttle service for customers is one of the many services we provide for free.


Bring in your vehicle for one of these special services, compliments of AutoWorks.

  1. AC System Check: We’ll check your lines, hoses, and seals. We’ll make sure your compressor is working properly. No Charge!
  2. Battery Check: We’ll inspect your car’s battery, its terminals, and electrolyte level and we’ll measure the state of the charge and load test. No Charge! And, if you need a new battery and buy one from us, we’ll install the battery at No Charge!
  3. Check Engine Light On: This light can cause much anxiety for drivers. You never know if it’s a serious problem or not. If your vehicle’s Check Engine light comes on, bring it in and we’ll perform a computer scan and let you know if it’s serious or not or further tests are needed. No Charge!
  4. Diagnostic Check: For our longtime and valued customers who may not have needed any work done on their car in the past year, we will gladly perform a free diagnostic to make sure all systems are go. No Charge!
  5. TPMS Reset: If the Tire Pressure Monitoring System alert comes on, we’ll check your vehicle’s tire pressure all around, and put air in as necessary. Again, at No Charge! (offer not available on all models)
  6. Shuttle Service: We will drive you home or work after you drop off your vehicle; we will pick you up from work or home so that you can pick up your vehicle.

Auto Works will also provide a free diagnostic check for any longtime and valued customer. If it’s been a while since your last visit to a family-owned auto repair shop in Delray Beach, stop by AutoWorks and we’ll perform a diagnostic check free of charge to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road. Or if you are in the process of purchasing a previously-owned vehicle, bring it to AutoWorks and we will look it over for you.

In addition, any time you bring your vehicle in for a repair or maintenance service, AutoWorks’ expert and qualified technicians will examine your vehicle for other issues at no charge to you.

Our technicians will apply a comprehensive 32-point visual inspection of your vehicle’s major components and systems that will identify any major issues with your vehicle and help you plan your future auto maintenance and auto repair needs.

Our technicians will look outside, inside, and under your vehicle. They will determine what needs immediate attention and what can wait.

Come in to AutoWorks to take advantage of any one of these special services at No Charge! Just stop by the shop.  AutoWorks is located at 1501 SW 10th Street, Delray Beach, FL. Or you can send us an email at letting us know when you would like to bring your car in. You can always call us at  561-272-7451.