Your Car May be Due for Brake Service

Strange sounds and vibration are two symptoms that your vehicle may need new brakes.
Strange sounds and vibration are two symptoms that your vehicle may need new brakes.

Most people aren’t mechanics. Determining when your car is due for regular service can be difficult.

You don’t always visit the mechanic for major repairs. Often, visits to the auto repair shop are mostly for routine maintenance services, such as an oil change, alignment, or brake service.

Some of these issues can be easy to spot, such as a Check Engine Light for your vehicle’s oil or your vehicle pulling in one direction for alignment.

Spotting if it’s time for brake service in Delray Beach can be more challenging, though.

Here are the top 5 ways to tell that it’s time to bring your car into our shop at AutoWorks for brake service:

  1. Strange sounds. If you’re like most drivers, you’re absorbed in the music on your radio rather than the sounds of the road. Still, it’s important to pause the music every now and then to listen to any new sounds your vehicle may be making. When your brake pads have worn away, there’s a wear indicator that will create a high-pitch sound when your vehicle’s brakes are applied. This sound is your alarm that it’s time to get your vehicle’s brakes serviced.
  2. Vibration in the vehicle when you brake. If your vehicle vibrates during braking situations when the antilock brakes aren’t engaged, chances are there’s a warped rotor issue. If your vehicle vibrates when you brake, there can be numerous issues that are best diagnosed by a professional mechanic from our team at AutoWorks.
  3. Slowed responsiveness when braking. You may think this sign is easy to spot, but slowed response times can sneak up on you. If you find yourself braking farther and farther from the stop sign, you may have a leak in your braking fluid system.
  4. The car is pulling when braking. There are many issues that can cause your vehicle to pull, such as an alignment issue. It can also be caused by a caliper that is stuck within the braking system, causing your vehicle to pull, especially when braking.
  5. You push the brake pedal all the way to the floor. Putting the pedal to the metal when you’re trying to brake is never a good thing. Pulling can indicate a slew of problems, such as worn pads or an issue in the hydraulic system.

Your vehicle’s brakes aren’t something that should be ignored. When you have a problem with your vehicle’s brakes, you’re unable to stop as quickly as you’d like, which can result in collisions and additional expenses.

If you suspect your vehicle’s brakes are in need of repair, give our team at AutoWorks a call. We can help with all aspects of your vehicle’s maintenance, including brake service and oil change in Delray Beach.

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